Investintech Able2Extract PDF Server
Able2Extract PDF Server

Able2Extract PDF Server

Able2Extract PDF Server is a Server-based version of Investintech’s popular desktop PDF processing product. It is a centralised Server-Side PDF conversion solution that provides rapid and unlimited conversion of PDF documents into Microsoft Word, Excel, plain text, HTML and more with high fidelity.

Able2Extract PDF Server Includes Maintenance and Support for 1 Year License type: Windows, Server
Able2Extract PDF Server Licence Maintenance and Support only (requires base licence) License type: Windows, Server


Unlimited document conversions.
Multiple users per server.
Convert any PDF into MS Word for editing.
Convert any PDF into MS Excel for data analysis.
Extract PDF into HTML.
Plain Text Extraction from PDF.
Monitored conversion Folders/Sub Folders.
Email Integration.
Desktop Interface (job ticket creation).
Image PDF handling with Advanced OCR.
Page/Content Scaling.
PDF Conversion Scheduler.
Built to handle large per hour PDF conversion throughput.

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