ActivePDF Meridian


ActivePDF Meridian is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your PDF generation goals with ease. It operates on a scalable server architecture and can handle print-to-PDF output from most Windows-based applications, eliminating the need for any additional native-to-PostScript-to-PDF conversions. The ActivePDF User Interface provides several configuration options, and the robust API offers complete control over PDF output on a job-by-job basis. By using ActivePDF Meridian, you can simplify your PDF generation process and focus on what matters most - your business.

Meridian is a networked virtual PDF printer engineered for server-side rendering that enables developers to empower users to leverage enterprise computing power with no per-user, or per-document fees via a simple “print from client” features.

Fully "Point and Print" enabled, Meridian means zero client-side installation and administration by an organisations’ technical staff.  With its unique "round trip" technology, the difficulties of managing individual PDFs printers are eliminated. Everything appears local and bespoke to the end-user.  Built with native Microsoft Windows® compatibility, users can rest assured the drivers have been rigorously tested for every possible scenario.

Meridian provides all of the functionality of Windows Server, with the following additional capabilities:

  • Network printing—Provides the ability to set up and share a network printer so that it is available to a client machine.
  • Remote API—Provides the ability to perform print-to-PDF conversions remotely.
  • Digital signatures—Provides the ability to capture a digital signature and apply it to the output PDF.
  • Stamping—Provides the ability to add text and/or an image to the pages of the output PDF.

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Virtual Network PDF printer
Easy, cost-effective way to deploy PDF transformation
Server-based installation, client-side print driver
Enterprise class, multithreaded performance
No per-user or per-document fees
Unlimited user capacity per network license
Centralized PDF settings to enforce corporate guidelines
Customize settings for designated output devices
Anything you can print to paper, you can print to PDF
Output delivery to client or server-side location
Add company logos and stamp watermarks to PDF
Optional API for automating PDF creation from the desktop
Customize output page dimensions and scaling options
Control font embedding and substitution options
Control image options, including downsampling
Specify output resolution and print quality