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Once your document has been through the transformation and processing stages it will be operational and ready to be shared. This format makes circulation, internally or externally, much more straightforward. During this stage, a supportive environment that enables seamless digital collaboration and permits document access from any device at any time is essential. It increases efficiency, ensures document integrity and security, and lowers uncertainty and errors to ensure the highest quality product.


The top sharing and teamwork software is provided by Greatstone International. Here are some of our best-performing offerings:

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET
View, Render, Configure documents into PDF, HTML and Image in .NET
GroupDocs.Signature for .NET
Add Text, Image, QR-Code, Barcode, Stamp, & Metadata eSignatures in .NET
GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET
Add, Edit & Remove Annotation Types from 50+ document formats in .NET
GroupDocs.Editor for .NET
Integrate with HTML Editor, Fetch/Edit & Convert to Original Format in .NET
Nitro Productivity Suite
Create, Convert, Merge, Sign, OCR, Annotate, Share, Secure, eSign PDF documents from your desktop
Able2Extract Professional 19
Create, Convert, Edit, OCR, Sign, Review, Protect PDF documents on your desktop
DevExpress ASP.NET
Design immersive user experiences with ASP.NET Web Forms User Interface Controls
DevExpress VCL
Delphi and C++Builder components to replicate the MSOffice or Visual Studio UI

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