ActivePDF OCR is a powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool designed for high-volume environments. It facilitates the conversion of images and image-based PDF files to searchable-text PDF files. Its Configuration Manager user interface enables users to configure and control their PDF output. It also allows users to set up and configure Watch Folders that accept and process source files.

The .NET programming interface is available to integrate .NET applications, requiring .NET 4.5 framework or greater. The SDK can be utilized to configure options for OCR conversions, and perform both local and remote conversions on the machine where ActivePDF OCR is installed. Once the conversions are complete, the SDK can be used to retrieve recognized text.

Upon installation, ActivePDF OCR is configured with a default Watch Folder that is ready to accept and process source files. Users can use the default Watch Folder as is, edit its settings, or set up their own custom Watch Folders. ActivePDF OCR allows users to set up custom Watch Folders in any location on their company's local network. The Configuration Manager enables users to configure each installation of a Watch Folder to best serve its purpose.

ActivePDF OCR performs the conversion according to the settings in the top ActivePDF OCR page, the OCR Settings page, and the options selected in the applicable Watch Folder and its associated PDF Profile. This allows for seamless and efficient conversion of PDF files to searchable text files.

Besides full-text OCR, Zonal data capture to Verify, Capture and Extract data from image-based or scanned PDF files. OCR supports 120+ languages including Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Thai, Japanese and Korean.

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OCR Conversion — Convert images and image-based PDF files to searchable-text PDF files in high-volume environments. Choose between adding a text layer to the original image, or replacing the original image with text.
Data Capture — Allows for data extraction, and saving data to a CSV output file. You can merge multiple input files into one CSV file. You can also use Data Capture Verifier to validate scanned documents, and provide a list of files containing unrecognizable characters you can change.
Template editor support — Use a template editor to create a single template or a collection of template, allowing you to pre-sort PDFs according to type.
Multi-Lingual — You can select from over 120 different Western, Eastern, and Asian languages when converting source files.
Install and convert — After installation, OCR's default settings are pre-configured and the Watch Folder is set up and ready to accept and process source files.
Rest-based, user-friendly user interface — Use OCR Configuration Manager to select custom pre-conversion, conversion, and post-conversion options.
Use Rest for remote conversions — Whether hosted on a network or in a private cloud, ActivePDF OCR's Rest enables document submission from virtually any platform. Post the input file along with the desired settings, and ActivePDF OCR handles the conversion remotely.
Place Watch Folders where you need them — Set up custom watched folders in any location on your company's local network.
Support for ISO Standards — Generate PDF and PDF/A from your source files.
Multi-threading — Process PDF conversions simultaneously.
PDF Security — Secure your PDF documents with RC4 40-bit, 128-bit or AES 128-bit, 256- bit encryption; choosing which options to secure, including password protection, disable printing, and prevent copying.
File Size Optimization — Control the size of your output files with several compression choices for content and images.
Metadata — Include document information in your output files.
Overwrite Options — Append output to existing PDFs automatically.
Set up conversion scheduling — Specify schedules and duration time for running conversions.