ActivePDF Server is a highly efficient and scalable server-based component that provides the ability to convert documents into PDF format. Designed to function seamlessly in high-volume environments, it offers true multi-threaded print-to-PDF capabilities that ensure optimal performance. With ActivePDF Server, you can easily add PDF generation capabilities to any business application and enjoy total control over output options. 

Furthermore, ActivePDF Server comes with powerful built-in conversion options that allow you to quickly and easily convert images, PostScript, XPS, or PCL files to PDF with a single method call. The software can convert almost any document that can be printed with a printer, making it a versatile tool for businesses.

ActivePDF Server is a software solution that offers an Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate the programmatic control and manipulation of PDF output. Additionally, the software provides a remote user interface, known as the Configuration Manager, which can be used to access and manage the program's settings from a remote location. With ActivePDF Server, users can easily automate PDF workflows and streamline document creation.

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Print to PDF—Print to PDF directly from your Windows applications. If your application can print, you can easily integrate ActivePDF Server with only a few method calls.
.NET and COM APIs—Choose from a .NET native or COM API to quickly and easily integrate ActivePDF Server within your applications.
Document Conversion—Use ActivePDF Server's automated, server-based document conversion for: PostScriptToPDF, PCLToPDF, XPSToPDF, and ImageToPDF, with support for over 40 image formats.
Support for ISO Standards—Generate PDF/A or PDF/X from any printable source.
Multi-threading—Process PDF conversions simultaneously, without jobs waiting in a queue.
PDF Security—Secure your PDF documents with 40-bit, 128-bit and AES encryption and options, including password protection, disable printing, and prevent copying.
File Size Optimization—Control the size of your output files with settings that include image and file resolution.
Control of PDF Output—Control PDF page size, metadata, bookmarks, compression and output resolution.
Share Output PDFs—Send output PDFs via email and upload them via FTP on job completion.
Stamping and Watermarking—Add images or text to your output PDFs.
Overwrite Options—Append output to existing PDFs automatically.