WebGrabber is an HTML-to-PDF server application, rendering W3C HTML5, CSS2/3, JavaScript, Flash, and form fields to PDF. Running on the server, WebGrabber is designed for high performance and reliable fidelity. You can convert to and from PDF with simple, straight-forward C# .NET and COM interfaces.

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Engineered around high-availability rendering server engines, WebGrabber takes the guesswork out of deployment, delivering more consistent, reliable and predictable results. Using dual engine conversion technologies, WebGrabber allows you to customise the conversion process without sacrificing overall conversion throughput. 

You can achieve Server-side HTML-to-PDF conversion from almost any source while maintaining programmatic control of PDF page size, metadata, compression and output resolution.

Archiving websites is made simple via the efficient WebGrabber API. With the new support for Bookmarks and Internal links, these archives will automatically mirror the navigation experience offered in the original website.


Convert HTML to PDF
Multi-threaded conversion
40-bit or 128-bit RC4 encryption or 128 or 256-bit AES encryption
Password protection, copy prevention, and disabling printing.
Control PDF page size, metadata, compression and output resolution.
Dynamically Share Output PDFs
Dynamically Stamp and Watermark
Automatically Generate Bookmarks
Create Links from HTML Anchor Tags
Append output to existing PDFs automatically.
Embed Flash Files
Convert W3C HTML5, CSS2/3, JavaScript, Flash content to PDF
Scale web content by height and width during conversion
Choose output to PDF, PDF/A or PDF/X
Automatically convert HTML headers and anchor links to navigation files
Enterprise-class, multi-threaded performance
Optimise output for ‘Fast Web View.’
Dynamically add headers and footers