ActivePDF WebGrabber


WebGrabber is an excellent server application that can convert HTML to PDF efficiently and reliably. It is designed to render W3C HTML5, CSS2/3, JavaScript, Flash, and form fields with high fidelity. As it runs on the server, it is highly dependable and performs exceptionally well. With its user-friendly and straightforward C# .NET and COM interfaces, you can easily convert to and from PDF. This makes WebGrabber an ideal tool for anyone who needs to convert HTML to PDF quickly and accurately.

ActivePDF WebGrabber efficiently converts URLs and HTML files to PDF format. With the help of its SDK, you can easily customize the output of your PDF files. Additionally, a user-friendly remote UI is also available to provide you with a seamless experience.

WebGrabber streamlines deployment by using cutting-edge rendering server engines and dual engine conversion technologies. This not only ensures consistent and reliable conversions, but also allows for greater customisation without sacrificing overall throughput. With WebGrabber, you can achieve top-quality results every time, making it an indispensable tool for your business.

If you're looking for a solution to convert HTML to PDF on the server-side while retaining programmatic control over PDF page size, metadata, compression, and output resolution, then you're in the right place! You can achieve all of this and more from any source by following a few simple steps.

With the advanced WebGrabber API, website archiving has never been simpler. Thanks to the latest addition of support for bookmarks and internal links, the archived websites now offer an identical navigation experience as the original ones, with no compromise on quality or accuracy.

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Convert HTML to PDF—Convert HTML from virtually any source into secure, printable PDF files. Whether converting HTML from a URL or a local file, WebGrabber’s powerful flexible SDK affords you complete control over your PDF output, while a variety of licensing options offer you unsurpassed flexibility in deployment.
.NET and COM SDKs—Choose from a .NET native or COM SDK to quickly and easily integrate WebGrabber within your applications.
Multi-threading—Process PDF conversions simultaneously, without jobs waiting in a queue.
PDF Security—Secure your PDF documents with 40-bit or 128-bit RC4 encryption; or 128 or 256-bit AES encryption, includes such options as password protection, copy prevention, and disabling printing.
Control of PDF Output—Control PDF page size, metadata, compression and output resolution.
Share Output PDFs—Send output PDFs via email and upload them via FTP on job completion.
Stamping and Watermarking—Add images or text to your output PDFs.
Automatically Generate Bookmarks— HTML heading elements (h1-h6) convert to bookmarks in the output PDF. The bookmarks are nested in the navigation pane using the order and the hierarchy found in the source file.
Create Links from HTML Anchor Tags—HTML anchor tags (< a href =... > ) convert to inline text links in the output PDF.
Overwrite Options—Append output to existing PDFs automatically.
Embed Flash Files—Support for Flash® files means that you can liven up your PDF presentations with movies, animations, and sounds.