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Aspose.Slides for .NET

Aspose.Slides for .NET

Aspose.Slides for .NET is a one of a kind API that gives developers the ability to automate presentation file-formats, including PresentationML (OOXML, PPTX), OpenDocument presentations (ODP), PPT, PPS, and POT. Developers can easily Modify, Copy, Convert, Generate, Render, and Print all popular presentation file formats.

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Aspose.Slides for .NET Site OEM - Up to 10 Developers, Unlimited Deployment License type: Developer, .NET
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Aspose.Slides for .NET Site SDK, Up to 10 Developers And 250 Commercial Deployments License type: Developer, .NET


Aspose.Slides for .NET is a document Presentation Automation Library for MSPowerPoint and OpenOffice formats. The API enables developers to build applications to protect, read, write, convert, and modify presentations in .NET. Other features include Manage presentation shapes, text, tables, charts, animations, add video & audio to presentations, and preview slides.

All of the popular presentation file formats are fully supported. Programmatically split, merge, clone, and reuse multiple MSPowerPoint presentations, slides, and templates in multiple ways. The Aspose.Slides API offers advanced automation features for printing on physical printers,  rendering presentations to HTML & images, and fixed-layout formats. It does not require Microsoft PowerPoint or any other 3rd party library.

Aspose.Slides Input/Output Formats

  • OpenOffice: ODP
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: PPT, PPSX, PPTM, PPTX, PPS, POT, PPSM, POTX, POTM

Aspose.Slides Output Only Formats

  • Fixed Layout: PDF, XPS, PDF/A
  • Images: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP
  • Web: HTML
  • SVG

Convert Your Presentations to PDF, TIFF or XPS, HTML

Aspose.Slides for .NET API has a native rendering engine, designed for rendering PowerPoint and OpenOffice file formats with the highest throughput and fidelity. The API allows developers to export presentations into multiple industry-standard formats, including PDF, TIFF, or XPS, HTML with no quality discrepancy to the original document. By simply loading the presentation file and calling the “Save” Method with your output format specification, C# developers can easily convert their presentation formats to any supported file format.

Format Presentation Content 

A developer can programmatically format shapes and text and shapes on slides in their application with Aspose.Slides .NET. Presentations text is managed with text frames associated with shapes. This makes it simple for developers to format text using portions and paragraphs associated with the text frames. They can also manipulate the attributes of shape elements like size, line, position, image, text, and fill using the native PowerPoint API.

Modify and Create PowerPoint SmartArt

Developers can create SmartArt shapes from scratch with Aspose.Slides for .NET. They can also add, manipulate, or delete existing SmartArt objects, including Nodes from a slide. Dynamic SmartArt style, colour, and layout modification are other feature methods available via the API.

Encrypt Presentations

By using the Aspose.Slides API, developers are able to secure presentation files and underlying properties to prevent changes from being made and apply read-only access. 

Create Presentation Viewer with Slide Thumbnails

Developers can use Aspose.Slides for .NET to generate thumbnails from slides for distribution to end-users without MS Powerpoint installed on their PC’s. They can also use the API to view PowerPoint files in custom websites, desktop applications, and any other .NET C# application.



Create or clone slides from templates
Work with PowerPoint tables via API
Apply or remove the protection on shapes
Add Excel charts as OleObjects to slides
Support for Linked OleObjects
Generate presentations from database
Protect presentations & resultant PDF
Print presentations on a physical printer
Create & customize charts

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