Aspose Aspose.Tasks for Java
Aspose.Tasks for Java

Aspose.Tasks for Java

Aspose.Tasks for Java is a reliable project management API to process Microsoft Project files. API supports to read, write and manipulate Microsoft Project documents without any other software dependencies. 

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Aspose.Tasks for Java Site Small Business - Up to 10 Developers, 10 Location Deployment License type: Developer, Java
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Aspose.Tasks for Java is a project management API used to process MSProject file formats. Developers can write, read, manipulate, and MSProject documents without any 3rd party software dependency. They can also access project data to manipulate project planning, definition, and tracking. Users are able to define a project's calendar information and other default tracking elements.

Other data, like resource assignments, tasks, resources, and extended attributes data, can also be manipulated or created. The API provides the functionality to build project plans by creating and reading project resources and tasks and remove or assign them to or from other tasks. They are able to manipulate priorities, critical and effort driven tasks, constraints, resume, stop or split tasks, link tasks, and write updated data back to the project and manage extended attributes.

Aspose.Tasks Input/Output Formats

  • Microsoft Project: MPP, MPT, MPX, XML
  • Oracle Primavera: XER, P6 XML, P6 database

Aspose.Tasks Output Formats

  • Microsoft Excel: XLSX, XML
  • Fixed Layout: PDF
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG
  • Text: TXT
  • Others: HTML

Convert Project Data to Diverse Formats

The Aspose.Tasks for Java API support rendering resources, tasks, and resource assignment data to fixed-layout formats, HTML, XML, and many popular file formats for easy distribution and processing.
Developers can also render WBS in a project to any standard image formats supported by the Java Framework and export project data to  XLS, XLSX, CSV, MPT, and TXT formats.

Automate Project Tasks

The Aspose.Tasks for Java library provide developers with a comprehensive set of classes for automating project tasks in an MSProject file. Regardless of a Project plan's complexity, the library provides a seamless programmatic interface for developers.

Scheduling, Tracking & Budget Assessment of Tasks

With the Aspose.Tasks for Java API developer are able to calculate a project's scheduling and critical path. They can also automate task actual work and baselines, access assignment budget  & costs, and manage resource variances & costs for project tracking. 

Render Project Data to Images

Aspose.Tasks for Java has a native rendering engine designed for rendering MS Project data with the highest of fidelity. It allows the developers to render project data to various raster & vector image formats while controlling defined aspects of the output image.

Save HTML components to Separate Files

The Aspose.Tasks for Java API gives developers the ability to export project data to HTML and also export the images, CSS Styles, and fonts to separate files. They can also assign required parameters to the callback functions in the export cycle.

COM Interoperability Support

The Aspose.Tasks for Java API provides an interface via COM, which allows developers to have the freedom for developers to use Aspose.Tasks for Java outside the Java platform, in any language via its COM interoperability services.


Read, change & write Microsoft Project files
Read MPP & XML project formats
Create, update & write projects in XML project format
Read MPP files & update summary information
Change default settings
Convert MPP to XML format
Change the main settings
Manage extended attributes
Render data to HTML
Define weekdays for the project
Define weekdays for calendars & calendar exceptions
Read & write calendars for tasks & resources
Manage task baseline scheduling & durations
Handle constraints on tasks
Create & manage links between tasks
Read, change & create tasks, milestone, estimated, critical or effort driven tasks
Manage resources costs & variances
Access assignment costs & budget

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