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Getting Started with your Visual Studio and DevExpress Project

27 Oct 21

DevExpress is the market-leading developer component used by solution providers to build applications that transform user experiences without compromising performance, aesthetics and intuitive business logic.

The DevExpress platform enables you to quickly build Touch-Enabled mobile applications, Dynamic Sales dashboards, complex Decisioning solutions and a whole lot more in the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
The comprehensive and cost-effective DevExpress Universal package includes every component provided and contains modules that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Visual Studio, enableing software developers to create apps and manage projects efficiently. These include:
Project Wizard – Use the DevExpress Project Wizard to create or modify an ASP.NET project and alter settings such as layout, theme and control suits, whilst dynamically validating the web.config file.
NuGet packages – The DevExpress NuGet package provides a live feed and centralised repository for DevExpress libraries into Visual Studio. This gives you access to an up to date range of DevExpress libraries in your applications.
Template Gallery – Rather than wasting time by creating every project from scratch, the DevExpressTemplate Gallery provides many project template options for you to select. Choose from different programming languages, application platforms, search boxes and more.
Menu entries – For quick access to web form controls, developers can add them to the Visual Studio menu bar with the menu entries extension. This reduces the time it often takes to click around the IDE and find the control you’re looking for.

Installing DevExpress for Visual Studio

To install DevExpress frameworks, components and libraries for Visual Studio, you must first have the DevExpress unified Component Installer on your development device. This creates a local NuGet feed with DevExpress .NET assemblies and adds this feed into your Visual Studio IDE.

Get help with your DevExpress Visual Studio project

As specialists in the installation and use of DevExpress, Greatstone International’s team of consultants are on hand to help with your next Visual Studio project. We can talk you through the steps for integrating the two correctly, advising you on which extension is the most appropriate to meet your demands and web application development needs. Get in touch with us today for an answer to your Visual Studio related queries.