Conholdate Conholdate.Total for .NET
Conholdate.Total for .NET

Conholdate.Total for .NET

Conholdate.Total for .NET includes all Aspose and GroupDocs .NET APIs. It provides developers with the functionality to perform a wide range of document processing tasks from within their own .NET based applications. This .NET package is a cost-effective solution for all types of document management systems. Features include the ability to create, edit, print, view, annotate, compare, sign, automate, search & convert between a wide range of popular document formats.

Conholdate.Total for .NET Developer Small Business License type: Aspose.Total/GroupDocs.Total - Single Developer, Single Location Deployment
Conholdate.Total for .NET Developer OEM License type: Aspose.Total/GroupDocs.Total - Single Developer, Unlimited Deployment
Conholdate.Total for .NET Site Small Business License type: Aspose.Total/GroupDocs.Total - Up to 10 Developers, 10 Location Deployment
Conholdate.Total for .NET Site OEM License type: Aspose.Total/GroupDocs.Total - Up to 10 Developers, Unlimited Deployment


Conholdate.Total for .NET includes the following API packages for .NET:

  • Aspose.Total for .NET
  • GroupDocs.Total for .NET


Perform mail merge
Add barcodes to Microsoft Word documents
Generate reports using mail merge
Excel reporting - build dynamic Microsoft Excel reports on the fly
Create Excel dashboards, incorporating charts and pivot tables
High-fidelity Excel rendering and printing
Transform an XML document into an Adobe Acrobat PDF file
Convert an image file into PDF format
Create new slides or clone existing slides from templates
Create shapes on slides
Add text to shapes
Add, remove, replace or extract text from PDF files
Add, remove, replace or extract images from PDF files
Get detailed information about images contained within a PDF file
Print barcode labels
Generate barcode images and save to stream or image file
Recognize barcodes from stream or image file
Create new project files from scratch
Define weekdays for the calendar
Define exceptions in calendars
Easily send email with HTML formatting and attachments
Mail merge and send mass mail functions
Connect to POP3 and IMAP mail servers, list and download messages locally
Convert and read Microsoft Visio diagrams
Extract text from images
Export OneNote to image
Export OneNote to PDF
Get or replace text in OneNote documents
Extract images from a OneNote document
View any format document in its original format or in HTML, Images or PDF format
Annotate any PDF, DOCX, XLSX and PPTX documents
Save annotations in different objects like JSON files, Databases or merge with original file
Export annotations to separate PDF or Word file
Fastest on-the-fly conversion API
Batch conversion of multiple files
Compares content for differences in words and paragraphs
Separate differences summary while using comparison API
Multiple signature properties
Setup signature on arbitrary pages like first, last, even, odd etc
Generate Multi format documents from more than one data sources
Built-in and custom metadata operations in the form key/value pairs
Export metadata attached with supported file formats
Multiple basic and advance searching methods
Fuzzy and Synonym Search
Search and remove Text/Image watermark
Adding watermark to images inside a document
Extract structured and highlighted text
Fetches text from containers containing other files such as zip archives
Direct and inverse document transformation
Edit multiple document formats
Microsoft Word documents
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
Adobe PDF documents
Microsoft Outlook message and storage files
Microsoft Project files
Microsoft Visio files
Microsoft OneNote files
Raster & Vector image files
3D & CAD files
HTML file

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