IRIS IRIScan™ Desk 5
IRIScan™ Desk 5

IRIScan™ Desk 5

Introducing a versatile USB-powered document camera that enables contact-free scanning of your books, contracts, passports, drawings, deeds, and more. With its innovative video capture capabilities, you can now experience a new and efficient way of scanning like never before.

IRIScan™ Desk 5 IRIScan™ Desk License type: Version 5 - 20PPM, 8 MP, up to A4/letter size, 300Dpi
IRIScan™ Desk 5 IRIScan™ Desk Pro License type: Version 5 Pro - 20PPM, 8 MP, up to A4/letter size, 300Dpi, TEXT-2-SPEECH


Scan books at top speed without constraints (max. A3)

With IRIScan™ Desk, you can scan your books at an impressive speed. In just three seconds, you can scan and export a double page to black and white PDF. The smart image flattening and edge correction algorithm ensures you get a perfect result every time. This document camera detects page changes automatically and erases all traces of your fingers, giving you a clean and professional output. You can also set a programmable timer to perform scans at regular intervals. Additionally, IRIScan™ Desk merges your book pages by marking the front and back covers, making it easy to export them to ePub, PDF, or even better, combined with Readiris Corporate (optional), to .MP3 and .WAV audio files. This means you can read your books on any reader, tablet or smartphone. IRIScan™ Desk is an unrivalled book scanner that guarantees you a hassle-free scanning experience.

Innovative multi-camera video recording mode

The document camera we offer has a unique feature that sets it apart from others: simultaneous multi-camera video recording. With IRIScan™ Desk, you can record both your scanned document and your webcam footage, along with any accompanying audio, all in one convenient video on a single screen. This function comes in handy for a range of applications, including e-learning, correspondence courses, and video tutorials. You can export your video in your preferred format, such as .AVI, .MP4, .FLV, or .WMV, and easily share it with others. The IRIScan™ Desk is a versatile scanner that can adapt to your various needs.

Smart image processing for nearly perfect results

Looking for a solution to capture/scan bound documents without damaging them? Look no further than the IRIScan™ Desk! Equipped with image flattening capability, this document camera can restore a flat appearance to every page of your book. With automatic edge detection, automatic cropping, image correction, deletion of fingers, and automatic movement detection, you can forget about waiting for a flatbed scanner to boot up or carefully positioning your papers and books to scan them. Simply place them under the IRIScan™ Desk, and it will create perfectly straight, flat, and legible files in a split second. No matter how you position them, this device will get the job done. Don't waste your time with other scanners - choose IRIScan™ Desk for efficient and reliable results.

Wide choice of export formats and automatic document cropping

The IRIScan™ Desk is an exceptional document camera with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Its OCR feature can recognise over 130 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, and Hebrew. This allows you to keep your document's original layout while making it editable. Furthermore, there is a wide range of export formats to choose from, including JPG, PDF, TXT, JPG+XLS, and JPG+TXT. The IRIScan™ Desk is also capable of accurately detecting the edges of multiple documents placed under its camera, cropping and saving them as separate files for maximum scanning efficiency. It is undoubtedly a top-of-the-line device that you can rely on for all your scanning needs.


Camera Resolution: 12 MP
Scanning size: up to A3
OCR languages: 138 languages
USB Powered
Convert to PDF, Word, Excel
Document scanning
Book scanning
Multi camera recording
Edge fixing, Auto-page orientation, punch holes removal
Barcode scanning
ID & Passport scanning
Business Card scanning (Windows only)
External capture button (Windows only)
New hand recognition engine that improves book scanning speed
Faster document processing and exporting
Text-To-Speech mode & editor (Windows only)