IRIS IRIScan™ Express & Executive 4
IRIScan™ Express & Executive 4

IRIScan™ Express & Executive 4

The IRIScan™ 4 scanner range is the ultimate solution for your  portable scanning needs. With its fully duplex or single feed colour scanning capability and user-friendly OCR software, you can easily scan and convert your documents into editable text. Its compact and lightweight design, coupled with USB-powered functionality, make it the perfect scanning companion for any location. The one-click PDF functionality puts the power of document conversion at your fingertips. It's the fastest portable scanner range on the market, capable of duplex and single feed scanning, making it the perfect choice for busy professionals on the go.

IRIScan™ Express & Executive 4 IRISCan Express License type: Version 4.0 - Single Feed, 8PPM, 300/600/1200 dpi, OneClick Cloud Share
IRIScan™ Express & Executive 4 IRISCan Executive License type: Version 4.0 - Duplex, 8PPM, 300/600 dpi, OneClick Cloud Share, 16 IPM


Simultaneous scanning of the front and back of documents

With the IRIScan™ Executive 4, you can easily scan all of your important documents, including receipts, invoices, business cards, letters, and more. Its lightning-fast performance can scan up to 8 pages per minute, capturing both sides of each document with ease. Boasting a powerful high-resolution image capture system of up to 600 DPI and advanced document format detection, the IRIScan™ Executive 4 delivers top-notch scans in both colour and black and white. You can trust this scanner to handle all of your scanning needs with confidence.

Compact, lightweight, and practical

The IRIScan™ Executive 4 is the ultimate portable scanner, boasting a compact size of only 30cm in length and weighing less than 518g. With its powerful features, this scanner provides all the benefits of a traditional office scanner without the added bulk, making it the perfect solution for those who are always on the go. So why wait? Take it with you wherever you need to be!

Do everything with just one button

Experience the ultimate ease of scanning with the IRIScan™ Executive 4. With just a single click of the smart button, you can perform multiple complex tasks automatically. Whether you want to email a letter, archive documents in a folder (SharePoint, OneDrive, Evernote...), or create multi-page PDF documents, it's all possible with this incredible scanner. Thanks to the Button Manager software, you can even customize up to nine different functions to suit your specific needs.

A scanner that suits every type of business

The IRIScan™ Executive 4 is a versatile scanning tool that caters to the needs of freelancers, small and large businesses, medical offices, and law firms alike. With its ability to scan a wide range of documents, including handwritten notes, prescriptions, legal papers, customer or patient files, ID cards, and health cards, it makes document management a breeze. You can easily archive all your scanned documents in your preferred document management software.

Preserve your precious family memories

Looking through old family photos is a beloved pastime for people of all ages. Thanks to the IRIScan Express 4, scanning these photos or even your children's drawings is now simple and quick. You can easily share them with loved ones through email, social media, or Google Drive. The process is easy to follow, allowing you to instantly share your happy moments with those who matter most, no matter how far away they may be. With the IRIScan Express 4, rediscovering old memories has never been easier. You can now preserve and share them with confidence.

Simplicity itself

For a scanner that is both portable and user-friendly, the IRIScan Express 4 is the clear choice. This high-resolution device can handle a variety of document types, including photos, business cards, and even identity documents. With a lightning-fast speed of 8 pages per minute, the IRIScan Express 4 is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to scan documents quickly and efficiently.

Are you looking to scan multiple sheets? The IRIScan Express 4 scans sheets individually, but with the help of the OCR Readiris 16 software that comes with the scanner, you can effortlessly merge your PDF scans into a single document if needed.


Compact, lightweight, portable scanner (518 g, 1 lb.)
Scanning receipts, business cards, photos, documents in A4/Letter format, etc.
USB power supply, no mains power required
Automatic document size detection, trimming and rotation
Up to 8 pages per minute
Readiris (OCR & PDF software) included: Readiris Corporate 16
Business card recognition software included: Cardiris 5
Creation of a multi-page PDF file thanks to the successive scanning of several individual pages.
Unique button manager, allowing up to nine different functions
Scanning resolution: (300/600/1200 dpi)
PC & Mac compatible
Portable duplex scanner: 16 IPM