Aspose Aspose.Html for .NET
Aspose.Html for .NET

Aspose.Html for .NET

Use Aspose.HTML for .NET to Edit, Create, Manipulate, and Render HTML file formats. Popular file formats supported include MHTML, EPUB, MHTML, SVG, and Markdown. It provides the ability to render to PDF, XPS, and Image file formats. Use this enhanced HTML processing API to perform  HTML file management and manipulation tasks within your applications.

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Aspose.HTML for .NET is a comprehensive HTML processing library to perform a vast number of manipulation and management tasks within multi-platform applications. A developer can use the API to render, generate, modify, extract data, and convert HTML document formats without any 3rd Party component. It also supports many other standard file-formats, including SVG, EPUB, MHTML, and Markdown, and rendering to XPS, Image, and PDF file formats.

Embedded formats and specifications, including SVG, CSS, HTML Canvas, XPath, and JavaScript out-of-the-box that extend the manipulation functional and rendering quality, are integrating with the  HTML Document Object Model.

Aspose.HTML Input/Output Format

  • (X)HTML
  • SVG
  • Markdown

Aspose.HTML Input Format

  • EPUB
  • HTML Template

Aspose.HTML Output Format

  • PDF
  • XPS
  • Images: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP

Convert HTML to Image, PDF, and Other Formats

The Aspose.HTML API allows developers to convert HTML files to PDF, Image, and many other formats with a few lines of code in their .NET applications.

Markdown Support

Markdown is a plain-text-formatting syntax markup language and is often used as the preferred format for readme files and documentation ad it allows writing in an easy-to-write and read format. The Aspose.HTML API provides a flexible Markdown Converter that provides 2-way conversion between  Markdown and HTML. The converter library includes predefined a set of rules for converting HTML to Markdown using the pure Markdown syntax, GitLab Flavored Markdown modification, or configuring rules in a bespoke manner.

Electronic Web and Books Archives

The Electronic Books (EPUB) and Web Archive (MHTML) formats are supported out-of-the-box by the Aspose.HTML API. It provides high fidelity rendering or  MHTML  and EPUB files to the supported output formats including, Image, XPS, and PDF file formats.

Web Scraping

Web scraping, Web Harvesting, Web Crawling, or Web Data Extraction is the processing of extracting web data from a website. Whilst Aspose.HTML does not support Web Scraping natively, a developer can use the Aspose.HTML API to build a bespoke Web Scraping Solution. 



Create HTML pages from Scratch
Load existing HTML from file, stream or URL
Implement W3C specifications
Implement templates using template merger
Fill the template with various data sources
Render HTML Canvas 2D to PDF
Add, replace or remove nodes
Extract data from HTML documents
Load EPUB and MHTML file formats
Render HTML to raster image formats
Render multiple documents at once
Implement Markdown to HTML converter
Apply header and footer during HTML to PDF

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