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Streamline Your Business with GroupDocs

17 Aug 21

A digitally transformed workplace is critically important for companies looking to increase productivity, reduce overheads and inefficiency, and remain competitive. Now more than ever before, there’s a great demand for technologies and solutions that provide dynamic business processes that are portable, integrated and forward compatible, underpinned with sophisticated applications and data management platforms. One such solution business leaders turn to is GroupDocs - the leading solution for building document collaboration and sharing solutions for web, mobile and desktop platforms.

What is GroupDocs?

GroupDocs provides a collection of APIs that allow developers to rapidly build document collaboration and sharing solutions in .NET and Java. This includes APIs to convert, redact, view, annotate, classify, compare and assemble documents. Unlike other file manipulation tools, GroupDocs has the added benefit of working without any need for third party products. The wide variety of GroupDocs components means developers and end-users can collaborate more efficiently, saving time and valuable financial resources:

GroupDocs.Assembly – with just a few lines of code, GroupDocs.Assembly enables developers to extract data from several sources and collate it in sophisticated charts, tables and image reports. This is a much quicker alternative to the manual approach to data presentation often undertaken by businesses.

GroupDocs.Annotation – with GroupDocs.Annotation, developers can engineer document annotation management apps in both .NET and Java. Types of annotation include area, text, underline, and arrow, all of which are compatible with AutoCAD, Metafile, OpenDocument and other formats.

GroupDocs.Signature – most of today’s business is conducted digitally, meaning companies are looking to adopt technologies that allow customers to sign documents online. This removes the need for printing and scanning physical copies of quotes, which dramatically slows projects down. GroupDocs.Signature provides the perfect solution, giving developers powerful tools to create e-signature applications, complete with styling, appearance, and alignment configuration.

GroupDocs.Redaction – business documents often contain sensitive and private information (e.g., medical, financial, legal, password data) that could violate data protection regulations if it falls into the wrong hands. This can be prevented with GroupDocs.Redaction, which removes such information from an array of file formats.

Looking for an all-in-one solution?

Whilst all GroupDocs components can be purchased individually, if you’re looking for a fully comprehensive toolkit, GroupDocs.Total is worth the investment. It comes equipped with all the APIs GroupDocs offers, meaning you have all document collaboration and sharing components at your fingertips. This makes GroupDocs.Total for .NET and GroupDocs.Total for Java very cost-effective solutions.

Talk to us about your GroupDocs needs

Whether GroupDocs.Assembly is your component of choice, or you want to make use of GroupDocs.Signature, let Greatstone International take you through the best practices for ensuring a successful deployment. Not only do we offer a free consultation to help you get things up and running, our team of GroupDocs experts are on hand to provide ongoing support and advice. Speak to us today for more information on how we can help your business and its software developers.

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